Scream For Me Part 1

Mikeal soon gets the beautiful Tanner tied to the stakes. Then decides to test the capacity of the young boys lungs and insists on some serious screaming. Tanner doesn’t meet the requirements so liberal application of the whip helps him along. Soon he is red, welted and screaming. Soon Mikeal has heard enough and tests the helpless boys gag reflex by ramming his hard black cock deep in Tanners throat

Scream For Me Louder Part 1

Master DJ drags Chad through the gate by his balls before tying the young boy to the post. Using his whip he soon gets a sweet cherry red finish to Chads back. Then turning the helpless boy round, takes not only the whip but also the crop to his chest and anywhere else in reach. Will Chad scream loud enough for his Master?

Ali & Harry

Harry is playing with his balls on the couch. His cock escapes so he can stroke it and watch it grow. His buddy Ali comes home from work and likes what he sees. He’s got excellent ball handling skills too and fondles Harry’s balls as as he deepthroats his rock hard cock. The two head to the balcony to keep playing with each other’s cock’s until it’s too much and they have to come inside. Harry’s raw cock wants to get deep inside Ali’s ass. He bends his legs back so he can get it deep inside, stopping at times to lube Ali’s hole with his tongue again. Harry blows his load all over his ass then breeds it back deep inside. Still horny he licks the hole clean which is reciprocated by Ali licking his cock clean.

Please Don’t Hurt Me Part 1

Dj and Skyy are out for a walk in the forest when they find boys underwear hanging in bush and nearby a boy tied over a fallen tree. Despite the protestations of the boy Dj and Skyy decide to have some fun. After a very careful examination of the boys naked body the dicks come out the shorts and in the boys mouth.

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