Jordan & Craig

It’s a hot night for these two studs as they escape away for a little poolside fun. They’ve come to a beautiful spot in the Spanish countryside with a group of friends, but with 8 men to a house, there’s no room to fuck just one on one! Everyone’s inside having drinks, except for Jordan and Craig who cannot keep their hands off each other’s muscular bodies, admiring how the look in their sexy bathing suits. Once outside, making out leads to Jordan swallowing down Craig’s big cock. It’s only a matter of time before Craig’s balls deep inside Jordan, filling up his ass with every inch of his man meat. Jordan loves feeling his ass slide around his shaft, trying hard to keep his moans quiet. The two fuck while their friends and unaware inside, making their tryst all the more exciting!

Logan Carter & Riley Ross BAREBACK in Atlanta Part 2

Atlanta heats up again as jock studs Logan and Riley return for another hot fuck! The two men are quick to jump into bed together, running their hands over their tight, toned bodies. Logan is hungry for more of Riley’s big cock, ready to bottom for the first time on camera for his sexy scruffy partner! Logan’s arches his long, muscular back, popping his big round ass up for Riley’s tongue. Riley devours his big bottom’s hole, getting it warm and wet for his bare cock to slide inside. Logan’s sphincter wraps around Riley like a vice grip, massaging out his load in passionate bareback pounding! Riley is excited to give Logan a taste of the hard fuck he’d gotten from his hot, tall buddy.

Lewis & Tyson

Lewis and Tyson are eager to tear each other’s clothes off, barely making it out of their interview before they’re undressed and kiss each other’s bare flesh. Lewis’s round, bubble butt is possibly the most beautiful sight Tyson has ever seen, not to mention the softest he’s ever felt. As they’re kissing and stroking each other’s cocks, he can’t resist giving it plenty of attention. Once the moustached man is on all fours, Tyson dives face first into it, eating out his delicious pucker. This excites the furry top to get more than his tongue inside, leading to a hot ass pounding for the horned up bottom!

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