Xavier Solo

The question with this ‘solo’ is whether because of the size of Xavier’s cock you can really call it a solo? Xavier may not have skills with a selfie stick but his own stick he handles very well himself. It’s a magnificent beast. Add to that a fleshjack, dildos and even a banana and the set is full of fun and big cock jerking action.

Ari & Seamus in Atlanta

Between the two of them Ari and Seamus have some amazing tattoos. The two of them writhing in the bed is like a constantly moving graphic novel of lust and passion. The newest star on JockPussy.com – Ari Koyote deepthroat’s Seamus while he licks Ari’s piercings. Ari’s glasses steam up as the action gets hotter and his hairy chest gets covered in Seamus’ cum. An incredible scene!

Jack Hunter & Spencer Daley BAREBACK in Las Vegas

The  amazingly hot pairing of Jack Hunter and Spencer Daley starts off all muscle and sucking as they devour each other’s cocks with some deep throat action taking each other balls deep in their mouths. Jack then pounds Spencer mercilessly before Spencer rides him for extra penetration. To finish, Jack puts Spencer on his back and plows him raw until he drops a big juicy load inside him that dribbles out but gives Jack a milky re-entry.

In The Cell Part 6

The Master returns and continues to introduce the boys to the pleasures of the whip until he gets called away and then the boys really test their chains. On his return the Master shows the new boy the pleasures of a hard cock in his tight arsehole until the Master has had enough fun and finishes over the boys back.

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