Lewis & Tyson

Lewis and Tyson are eager to tear each other’s clothes off, barely making it out of their interview before they’re undressed and kiss each other’s bare flesh. Lewis’s round, bubble butt is possibly the most beautiful sight Tyson has ever seen, not to mention the softest he’s ever felt. As they’re kissing and stroking each other’s cocks, he can’t resist giving it plenty of attention. Once the moustached man is on all fours, Tyson dives face first into it, eating out his delicious pucker. This excites the furry top to get more than his tongue inside, leading to a hot ass pounding for the horned up bottom!

Max & Coach

In Dijon, the football team is still a topic of conversation. With a higher and higher level, all games win brilliantly. It must be said that the players are taken firm by the coach. The coach has no problem using his great baton to remind them who the boss is. Max is a little rebel and the coach will show him that in football, if you do not obey, you will have hot ass..who would want to obey!

Joel & Ari

Joel smiles as he looks up and down Ari’s body. He loves his boyish good looks and athletic frame. They makeout as Ari grabs onto his scruffy friend’s neck, holding him close as their passion ignites. Ari’s skilled mouth shifts from Joel’s lips to his long, strong shaft, bobbing his head up and down as Joel looks on in awe and delight. Joel’s mouth stands agape as he feels his cock worked like never before, leading him to return the favor on his trans buddy. As Joel’s tongue works over his wet, throbbing pussy, Ari’s moans excite him even more. He laps around his swelling cock, getting him good and ready to receive his raw meat deep and hard. With Ari positioned on all fours, Joel has the perfect position to watch as he slides his dick in and out, wrapped tightly in Ari’s sexy bonus hole.


Leo loves the idea of fucking a sexy slave in the a remote place, waiting and eager to take his big cock. Luckily, Henzo is happy to give him what he wants. When Leo arrives at the abandoned building, he’s already on all fours with his pants down, revealing his round, smooth bubble butt in a jock strap. Leo wastes no time claiming what’s his, eating out his obedient sub before sliding his cock in his tight, hot hole. With no one around to hear, Leo fucks his bottom hard and rough, getting his nuts ready to burst on the sounds of his heavy pounding and Henzo’s sexy moans.

Xavier & Danny

Xavier’s got a huge, uncut cock that Danny can’t resist tasting. He sensually kisses up the cute boy’s neck before pulling off his pants to get a look at the giant, monster down under. His appetite grows as his mouth devours his tight, smooth hole, licking between his cheeks in a passionate fury. Xavier is quick to get to his knees to wet his horny dinner guest’s cock, readying it for his hot hole. Before plunging his man meat deep inside, Danny pours a little honey on Xavier’s ass, sweeting up his perfect backside for a hard, hungry fuck!

Spencer Daley

Six pack abs, round bubble butt, smooth hole, and toned biceps. That’s a recipe for an absolute stud. This sexy man knows he’s got the goods and is more than happy to share it with those who worship his muscular body. Not only is he strikingly handsome, but he’s got a big, thick cock he loves to stroke. Watch as he shoots out a big, thick load over his washboard stomach, all the while teasing the camera with his dimpled, devilish smile.

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