Zack Daniels

Zack Daniels performs this week in his solo debut on AMH. This hot scene is a compilation of behind-the-scenes shots for his photo and video shoot. Zack is too hot not to watch his every move and we wanted to share it with you. Observe him flexing, pumping up, doing the photo shoot and then blowing his load on the casting couch.

Hugh Hunter & Johnny V

Hugh Hunter and Johnny V – the muscle titans collide! These two mountains of muscle get sucking and slurping faster than any duo before. Hugh devours Johnny’s pink hole and then shoves his thick man meat deep inside as Johnny moans in pleasure. Plastering Johnny against the window, Hugh pounds Johnny’s load out and then blows all over Johnny’s rock hard ass.

Johnny V & Gabriel Alanzo

Gabriel is back and paired up with Johnny V this time. The two get right into making out and quickly flip between sucking each other’s cocks and eating ass. Gabriel climbs onto the headboard and starts to ride Johnny’s face and then Johnny puts him face-down and begins the assault on Gabriel’s hole. After flipping Gabriel on his back, Johnny pumps him until they both blow their hot loads all over Gabriel.

Logan Cross & Joey D

Logan Cross and Joey D get sweaty this week. As they lie on the bed, they begin kissing and Joey slowly forces Logan’s eager mouth onto his throbbing cock. Joey then commands Logan to suck his meat while he eats his ass. Joey is unable to restrain himself from fucking Logan and forces him onto his stomach. Logan holds the edge of the bed as Joey gives him a long, hard fuck from behind. Finally, Logan is stroking his cock on his back as Joey fucks him and then Joey flips them so Logan rides Joey’s meat until he blows, causing Joey to blow all over his sweaty torso.

Beau Taylor

Who is Beau Taylor? This hunk has been the topic of many conversations lately. This week, Beau debuts his adult career here on American Muscle Hunks. After a long day of work, Beau arrives home and promptly begins stripping off his suit. As he opens his pants, his monster cock falls out and he proceeds to stroke it. After a bit of that, he decides to get a pump and then finishes off his stroke session in bed.

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