Mats’ long hair and sultry looks makes him one hell of a sexy Aussie Boy. He’s lying back one evening – lit from below as he grabs his cock and moans. His lips are totally kissable – as he gently moans you want to grab his hair and shove your own cock in those lips. He grips tighter and pulls harder as he reaches his climax. Watch this Aussie boy blow a load over his superb body. Yum!


Dirty Aussie boy Davo is back and he just can’t stop playing with his cock. He’s out in the sun by the pool tugging on that schlong like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a hot Aussie day so our horny boy cools off in the shower – still constantly stroking his meat. He lies back down to finish the job and blows a load all over himself. He’ll probably be back at it in an hour or so … horny little fucker that he is.

Mats & Brad Part 2

In part 2 of Mats and Brad’s getaway the two decide to make good use of the spa. There’s the obvious use of getting wet and enjoying the bubbles massage your skin and then there’s the better use of using it as playground for sucking cock and rimming fine ass. Mats takes Brad’s cock in his mouth and sucks with glee as he fondles his balls. Brad the flips Mats and buries his tongue into his hole. Mats is groaning with pleasure and loving the intense rimming he’s receiving. They jump out of the water and Brad wants to just watch Mats – and why not he’s a stunning man. He lies back and strokes his cock whilst fingering his hole until he blows his load. Now covered in cum they head back to the spa and Mats sucks on Brad’s cock til Brad cums in his mouth.

Mats & Brad

Mats and Brad wanted to get away for the weekend together so they headed to Melbourne for a fuckcation. They check out the balcony and the view but can’t keep their lips off each other. Back inside the room they can’t keep their lips of each other’s cocks. Brad has an impressive cock and Mats deepthroats the thick cock. Brad then gets on his knees and swallows Mats’ cock to the base while fingering his hairy ass. He then buries his face deep in that ass – lubing Mats’ hole with his spit. The two Aussie boys are having a awesome time so far and this is just the beginning …

Larry & Vance Part 1

It’s a hot sunny Australian day and any self respecting Aussie boy is immersed in water. Straight boys Larry and Vance are in Vance’s pool. The two boys are splashing about getting each other horny. Of course they don’t tell each other that and Larry sneaks away for a wank. Your secret is safe with us Larry…


Mats’ mighty uncut cock is a thing of great beauty. Coupled with this gorgeous face and sexy tattoos and this solo wank is something very special. This Aussie boy fingers his ass while he plays with that chewable cock. He knows just want he likes and cums all over himself – look straight at the camera with those big brown eyes.


There’s something about a boy all alone in a spa playing with his cock that drives us wild at Andy’s Aussie Boys. Brunette Aussie boy Davo first climbs into the spa and starts whackin’ the Kraken. As the warm water and bubbles relax his body his strokes become faster. He moves to the sauna to slap his cock around some more before blowing his load all over himself.

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