Mats’ mighty uncut cock is a thing of great beauty. Coupled with this gorgeous face and sexy tattoos and this solo wank is something very special. This Aussie boy fingers his ass while he plays with that chewable cock. He knows just want he likes and cums all over himself – look straight at the camera with those big brown eyes.


There’s something about a boy all alone in a spa playing with his cock that drives us wild at Andy’s Aussie Boys. Brunette Aussie boy Davo first climbs into the spa and starts whackin’ the Kraken. As the warm water and bubbles relax his body his strokes become faster. He moves to the sauna to slap his cock around some more before blowing his load all over himself.

Troy & Jake C

Out in the bush by the old creek we find a couple of Aussie twinks making out. The two strip their slender bodies and reveal big cocks that slide in and out of the mouth to the back of the throat. Troy fingers Jake’s waiting hole before sliding his big cock deep inside. With the glory of the Australian bush all around the two fuck by the restless waters. Troy sprays a waterfall of cum all over Jake’s cute face.

Steve & Brayden

Steve is on the floor with Brayden positioned on top of him giving him mouth to mouth. Well that’s what it looks like but he’s really trying hard to get into Steve’s pants. Long haired twink Steve doesn’t need a hell of a lot of convincing and rips off Brayden’s shorts and starts sucking his cock. He then takes his own off and shoves his cock down Brayden’s throat. Soon Brayden is on all fours with Steve’s cock in his ass – his joy is insurmountable. As is Steve’s who cums all over his tight ass!

Kane & Mitch

Even though the view outside of Sydney Harbour is truly spectacular – Kane and Mitch just want to mess around. They start kissing on the couch and soon find their mouths swallowing each other’s cocks. Kane’s cock wants Mitch’s ass and we get a wonderful view of Kane’s tight ass as he bangs Mitch. The fucking makes them sweat and they head to the spa to cool down – however they can’t help themselves and keep playing with each other’s dicks.

Kade, Jesse, Callum & Steve

game of bullshit gets boring so the Aussie boys decide to have a game of strip spin the bottle. Stripped down to their undies Jesse and Steve head off to the bedroom together – they start playing with each other’s cocks – stroking them as they get harder – kissing. The foreplay gets them in the mood for fourplay so they head back to the lounge to suck on Kade and Callum’s cocks. It’s a bevvy of beaut Aussie boy flesh! And then the fucking begins!


Kade’s tanned body looks resplendent against the white sheets on the massive bed. As he rubs his hands all over his slim torso his cock gets hard. Stripping down he keeps pulling on it and then pulls out his phone to watch some porn while he wanks off.

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