Scream For Me Louder Part 3

Master DJ continues to use whips and crops on Tommy.Tommy marks up so beautifully, the red welts just excite the Master more. Master DJ then shows Tommy his next tou, a large dildo and tells him it is going in his arse before doing just that. The large dildo gets introduced into Tommy’s arse and fun ensues for The Master at least.

Bound, Beaten and Blow Me Part 2

DJ returns to the helpless Lester for round two of his entertainment. Wasting little time DJ gets naked and starts to face fuck the restrained Lester. Moving round he tries different angles to get his hard cock even further down the bound boys throat. When he has had enough fun he gags Lester with duct tape to try and quieten his screams as he leaves the helpless boy to struggle and scream.

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