Alberto Esposito vs Aymeric Deville vs Aj Alexander

Alberto and Aymeric are just about to paint their Berlin apartment when they are overcome by lust. Alberto grabs his buddy’s leg and then heaves him onto the ladder to have him exactly where he needs him. With relish he peels him out of his clothes and sticks his fat cock in his mouth. Greedy, he licks his nuts until the juice runs into his face. Now Aymeric also snaps to his buddy’s meat stud. The hard club skin the bald head left and right one in the mouth until he mercilessly thrusts it into his throat. When changing positions, the ladder stays in the focus of the two buddies. Aymeric rises up and presents his ass. Alberto pokes his tongue in and licks his hole. He then sticks his ass to his asshole and shagging him through as if there were no tomorrow. Leaning against the window, he shouts out the lust so that everyone can hear him on the market place below. AJ Alexander suddenly enters the apartment and wants to mingle with the hot game. Alberto is ready. He grabs his hairy pig and forces him into the sweaty hole. But the cock is not the only thing that disappears in this session in Alberto’s cunt. AJ puts on black rubber gloves over and struggles with his fingers the way into Alberto’s greasy cunt and into his steamy ass grotto. Barely in it he fists the hole on him as only a real professional can. When the guys finally squirt their white sauce, their bodies sparkle full of hot men’s juice.

Aj Alexander vs Max Duro vs Mark Foxx Part 2

To intensify the lust factor AJ has invited his buddy Mark Foxx. Mark is a blonde German who is tall, muscular and giant ass. AJ and Max put Mark in the middle and pull him in with relish. Max can’t wait until he is on his knees and shoves the German’s rock hard cock into his mouth. His licking will be more and more greedy until finally AJ offers his tail. Like a greedy whore, Max pushes one meat club after the other into his wide open face. Now AJ is going to get on his knees, but the big cock is too big for his little suckling mouth. He almost gives up, but he didn’t count on Max who pulls his mouth with his hands and shoves it on the German shank. centimeters by centimeters, the hard flesh drills into his mouth until he begins to drool. Like in a trance, he swallows the shaft to the base. The drool runs to him left and right all over his face. AJ and Max now have enough of the foreplay. They pop the German to the ground and while Max pushes his hairy tail deep into his throat, AJ hammers him into the unhaired ass. The blonde guy gets stuffed on both sides until he doesn’t know what he’s called. But also Max’s Cunt wants to be climbed so AJ rams him the lust butt in the warm ass. The kinky team game repeatedly changes the hot positions until AJ and max her sperm load proudly into the sweaty ass.

Aj Alexander vs Max Duro Part 1

In Berlin you often meet the hottest pigs on the street. When the sneaker Guy AJ Alexander meets the bearded guy Max, he knows that he has found a new toy. He drags him into his apartment and throws him on the leather couch. Submissive as if he belongs to the pig he goes to his knees and licks his sneakers off. The leather smell rises in his nose, the senses fade away and makes him a slave to his own desire. Devotedly he takes his feet in his mouth and sucks on the stuffy socks. Max now returns the Hard pig, frees his dick from the prison and shoves it in AJ’s face until the pig gets almost no air. Max is so satisfied with the suck service that he rams himself AJ’s cock in his mouth and receives the hardcore Deepthroat of his life – as thanks he holds his hairy ass to the Englishman. The hole smells of sweat and moist with lust. AJ’s tongue licks deep into the channel until Max starts screaming in lust. AJ knows exactly what he wants and needs. He puts his socks in the face of the bearded pig, ties his feet and sits astride on the big cock. His ass glides up and down on the dick until his cunt can only open more and more and the tail pushes even deeper the ass lips. Like a Greek god he rides the hairy bastard hard until his ass is completely abfgefullt with tail meat.

Aymeric Deville Gangbang

At the end of his Gran Canaria holiday, Grand Bull Aymeric DeVille has invited a group of hot Sex hungry guys to a gang bang and he won’t be more satisfied until his holes are filled with sperm. In the garden of his accommodation he lets every willing fucker stand tight and wait until it is finally his turn to punish the willing holes. Aymeric leans over the garden table and just waits until the first one shoves his meat whip in his ass. And then the next. With every new guy, Aymeric becomes wilder and squeezes his cunt against every new fat dick that crams in his asshole. Supported by a second bottom pig, Aymeric milks every tail with his tight rosette. And at last the first one squirts the white sperm deep into his hole. The second fucker’s charge lands in his wide open mouth. His poor hole is fully drooled with the hot sauce. After a lot of loads in the ass, one of the pigs pisses on him from top to bottom and seals the gang bang.

Paul Pumper

What do you do when home alone in Berlin? Paul the Pumper pulls a thick Sound out and pushes it deep down into his hard dick. With hot rubber gloves, the wixen is much more fun and the juice is running. The metal rod goes in and out of the narrow tail slit until it finally squirts hot cum!

Josh Meza vs Ashley Ryder

Ashley Ryder has set himself a goal to seduce all the world’s hottest guys. During his vacation on the Spanish island of Sitges he meets the hot stallion Josh. In the car he unashamedly stuffs his fat cock into his mouth. Macho Josh pushes the big meat so hard in Ashley’s greedy throat that almost keeps the air away. He drags him out of the car onto the dunes by the sea, and fucks him so deeply into the mouth that Ashley’s tears rise in his eyes. Josh knows no mercy. He uses Ashley’s mouth as a playing field for his dominance and fucks him so hard until the spit runs out of the throat. Ashley can’t wait. He wants to be fucked. Now. Josh likes fulfill his wish, grabs his plump ass cheeks, shoves his monster cock into the hairy asshole and shagging him throughly. But everyone who knows Ashley knows that the fun has only just begun. He willingly puts himself on his back and presents his master with his willing hole. Josh recognizes the signs immediately and shoves his hand into the gaping crevice. He fists him according to all the rules of art until the warm cunt opens more and more and the hand dives even deeper. While Josh is getting tougher and finally shoving two fists in his ass, Ashley squirts. Josh puts his cock in the gaping ass and shoots him the hot sperm deep into the intestine.

Mark Foxx Solo

Mark Foxx is an old school German boy. Blonde, hairless, muscular and a real pig. During rides with his motorbike, he regularly gets horny. He stops somewhere in nature to let his lust run wild. Most of the time he wears his metal cockring which is also dildo. While on his bike the streets rattles the metal and excites the velvety cunt and gives him cascades of horniness at every turn. Even today. He leans against an old building, spreads his legs and strokes his fingers over the cold metal in his ass. When he turns around, you finally see his fat cock getting beaten. But before he jerks off he pulls on the leather gloves. Nothing makes the pig as very hot as leather on his skin. Although the cameraman has the rule of not touching the pig, he spits in his mouth to show him where it belongs. At the climax, Mark squirts the slimy sperm on his leather divide.

Amato DAmato Solo

Amato is hairy and manly from head to toe. After a wild night he wakes up with an erection in his Berlin apartment. Because wanking alone is boring, he calls a buddy to help him in his horniness. While listening to his buddy’s hot words, he jerks his cock and massages his hairy asshole with his fingers. Slowly The Rosette awakens and calls for more action. He spits on his finger and pushes them into the channel. Now his cunt becomes more greedy. Amato goes to all fours and alternately pushes the fingers deep into his hole. After the butt has been extended, it is time for the black dildo, which has long been waiting for it’s turn to penetrate the horny man. The toy is in ass and the pig fucks the cunt wide open until the fat sperm sauce squirts out of the beaten rod.

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