Jordan & Craig

It’s a hot night for these two studs as they escape away for a little poolside fun. They’ve come to a beautiful spot in the Spanish countryside with a group of friends, but with 8 men to a house, there’s no room to fuck just one on one! Everyone’s inside having drinks, except for Jordan and Craig who cannot keep their hands off each other’s muscular bodies, admiring how the look in their sexy bathing suits. Once outside, making out leads to Jordan swallowing down Craig’s big cock. It’s only a matter of time before Craig’s balls deep inside Jordan, filling up his ass with every inch of his man meat. Jordan loves feeling his ass slide around his shaft, trying hard to keep his moans quiet. The two fuck while their friends and unaware inside, making their tryst all the more exciting!

Max & Coach

In Dijon, the football team is still a topic of conversation. With a higher and higher level, all games win brilliantly. It must be said that the players are taken firm by the coach. The coach has no problem using his great baton to remind them who the boss is. Max is a little rebel and the coach will show him that in football, if you do not obey, you will have hot ass..who would want to obey!


Leo loves the idea of fucking a sexy slave in the a remote place, waiting and eager to take his big cock. Luckily, Henzo is happy to give him what he wants. When Leo arrives at the abandoned building, he’s already on all fours with his pants down, revealing his round, smooth bubble butt in a jock strap. Leo wastes no time claiming what’s his, eating out his obedient sub before sliding his cock in his tight, hot hole. With no one around to hear, Leo fucks his bottom hard and rough, getting his nuts ready to burst on the sounds of his heavy pounding and Henzo’s sexy moans.

Giovanni & Mr Slug

Giovanni just noticed Mr Slug on the street and couldn’t help himself to ask him something. So Mr Slug said why not and they went back to his place for a little mid afternoon snack. Watch as Giovanni sucks Mr Slug’s cock like a professional. Mr Slug loves it so much that he has to return the favor. Enjoy as they give each other amazing sexual pleasures.

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