Nico Blade & Danko Bell

Danko Bell was just surfing the internet at his desk when his roommate Nico came in horny as always. Nico is much more muscular and athletic than Danko so he knows when Nico wants something, he’s going to get it! And it just so happens on Nico’s mind today is his hard cock in Danko’s ass!

Antonio Moreno & Corbin

Beefy stud Antonio Moreno has been getting some tips from his personal trainer Corbin on how to really maximize his workout. Today he thinks Corbin has invited him over for some more fitness help but our boy Corbin has a confession to make… he really just wants to get this Latin stud naked for some gay sex! Let’s see if he can convince his workout buddy to go gay for the first time!

Brad Slater & Enrique Currero

Tanned skater punk Brad Slater has always been good with the ladies but deep inside it’s some good cock he’s been craving! He just needed someone to share his first gay experience with… That’s when he met Enrique who finally gave him enough courage to take the plunge and try to add a little gay sex into his life!

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