Spencer & Jason BAREBACK

Daddy Jason took one look at Spencer’s creamy white ass and knew immediately what he wanted to do. He wanted to shove his raw cock so deep inside that ass that Spencer would feel it tickling his tonsils. He sucks Spencer’s pale cock and then licks his hole like it’s never been licked before. Then he gets to fuck that ass and by how hard Spencer is throughout – you know that daddy dick felt good!

Jaxon & Brogan BAREBACK

Some enchanted evening – you may meet a muscled stranger – go back to his hotel and get the fuck of your life. Your hands all over his fine physique. His bare cock pounding your ass. It’s like no other fuck you’ve ever had before. You blow a load that has you quivering for minuted after – he licks it off your chest and kisses you again. You feel like this is a dream but it’s real – and really fucking hot.

Cole & Brogan BAREBACK

Cole has an oral fascination – he likes to kiss – he likes to have cock in his mouth, he likes to kiss while is ass is being raw fucked. He’s got a big cock so he likes to fuck with that thing too which Brogan enjoys. Cole licks Brogan’s balls as Brogan cums all over his ripped chest – those balls taste good in his mouth but not as good as licking up Brogan’s cum.

Jude & Brogan BAREBACK

Rolling around in a hotel room bed in Oklahoma City these two bodies are inseparable. The big muscled frame of Brogan and Jude’s slight frame are separated only by the thickness of Jude’s cock. Brogan tastes it and it grows even larger – slipping from his cock to his ass which tastes sublime as he licks the tight hole. Jude is a cock pig and wants it in his mouth – then in his ass. He jumps on Brogan and rides that cock – every inch shoved inside while his own splendid cock pole rises to attention. Brogan’s big hands hold his slim body as he gyrates on the end of his dick. They transform their flesh pile into a number of positions – as he lays on his back Jude strokes his cock till it explodes – Brogan’s dick blows its load deep inside that tiny ass.

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