Harlow Harrison Rough Anal Filth Fucking With James Deen

James Deen and Harlow Harrison are kinda slutty. Harlow is super submissive and into being used as a cum dumpster. We aren’t making this up, she used those exact words. Her prancing around naked lasts all of a few minutes before James brings out his cock and starts fucking her throat. The two get filthier and nastier. James fucks Harlow’s pussy, asshole and throat making her cum over and over. Eventually he cums in all her holes. Seriously, I don’t know how he did it, but James came inside her ass, pussy and mouth. Don’t believe me? Watch the end and you’ll see.

Jade Jantzen First Time With James Deen

Jade Jantzen is super fucking pretty. I think that is the only reason James Deen scheduled this scene. They seem to hit it off pretty well. Jade looks awesome and starts talking dirty to the camera about her love of anal sex. She gives pretty clear instructions about how to get her off. James walks in and shoves his face in her butt and proceeds to grant every one of her requests. The pair fuck for a while and Jade cums a lot from both her pussy and asshole being penetrated. She then asks for James’ cum in one of the most creative ways I have ever heard. The exotic beauty drops to her knees and finishes off the porn star’s dick by stroking and sucking every drop of cum out of him.

Riley Nixon Hates Pants, Loves Cum

This brand new super beautiful teenager named Riley Nixon requested to make some porn with James Deen. Both Riley Nixon and James Deen both hate pants so it seemed like a match made in heaven. They meet up at a hotel and get to know one another. At a certain point them getting to know each other gets interrupted by the maid and the two pants hating whores almost get caught fucking each others brains out. I don’t know why they were so worried about someone seeing them have sex because they were recording it and now are putting it on the internet. Seems a little counter intuitive to me.

Angel Smalls Sex Fantasies In The Middle Of No Where

While in route to Las Vegas, Angel Smalls and James Deen pull off into the Nevada desert to stretch their legs. They kick back in the middle of no where and discuss Angel’s love of gangbangs and being used for sex. The two then start developing ideas for future shoots with Angel that all take place in their current setting. Eventually Angel just grabs James’ dick and starts sucking it because he clearly wasn’t going to make the first move.

Chloe Couture Rough Sex With James Deen

Chloe Couture doesn’t waste much time once a camera is turned on. It’s like the camera turning on puts her into sex mode and she can’t do anything but strip naked and show off her body. This leads to what can only be described as a sex hurricane between Chloe and James. Her throat is fucked. Her pussy is fucked. Something weird happens in the shower. Eventually she is filled with cum. Chloe is fucking cool.

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