Bryan & Julien

Their long, lean bodies stretch out over the bedspread, as if to lure each other closer. Bryan’s smooth body is irresistible, tempting Julian to move in for a feel. Bryan returns the sentiment, placing his hand on Julien’s growing bulge. Julien pulls Bryan’s cock out from his tiny underwear, freeing the massive erection from its tiny entrapment to take it deep in his throat.

Desert Sound

Mason finds him self roaming the desert. It’s the perfect spot to stroke cock out in the sun. He pulls out his cock and a chrome sounding rod to stroke am fill his cock with. Stimulated and edged he pisses all over the rod before shooting a massive load.

Seth Santoro

It was a long day at the gym bodybuilding and Seth likes to release the pressure of the day by enjoying a nice wank on the muscle between his legs. Seth is a dreamy bodybuilder with the perfect naturally sculpted body hair to go with the bulbous muscles. He love to rub and sniff his hairy pits to catch a whiff of his masculine pheromone. Every sniff and smell make him more and more aroused until he can’t hold back his load any longer. Enjoy!

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