Chanel Preston Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten


Chanel Preston is really into her orgasms. She talks all about them; how an anal orgasm is different than a clitoral orgasm, and so on. And she dishes out the secrets on how best to make her cum while putting your mouth to her pussy. Of course, we get to see how it all goes down. But what we’re all dying to know, and what Chanel reveals for the first time is her top pick tracks for the #WyldeFire mix tape. Remember you heard it first at James Deen Productions!

Kate England’s Secret Fuck Session in Las Vegas Sex Trip Part 4


James wakes up Kate England in the middle of the night to “check in on her.” Yeah right. We all know what’s up. This is a fucking SEX TRIP. Kate knows what’s up too. That’s why she suggests they sneak into the bathroom, and fuck, while everyone else is asleep. At first, they’re quiet. But by the end, Kate is getting fucked hard and cumming all over the bathroom. It’s pretty awesome to watch. But what the fuck, James and Kate? Why don’t you get a room!?!

Marilyn Moore, the Seductress, in Las Vegas Sex Trip Part 3


James Deen decides to take off in the middle of our Las Vegas sex trip, so that he can work for some other, super lame porn company. I only say that, because every company is super lame compared to James Deen Productions. Whatever. James needs to make money? We’ll have fun without him. BUT then he takes Kate along with him. So it’s Marilyn Moore and Danny Wylde, alone in a hotel room. Marilyn is super horny, like always. But Danny doesn’t perform in scenes anymore. So she masturbates by herself in a bathtub, does some naked yoga, and then… Well, she really wants to get fucked. And Danny does have a cock. Can she make it happen? Watch and find out!

Kate England Incites a Backroom Orgy in Las Vegas Sex Trip Part 2


Watch a quick, behind-the-scenes glimpse of James Deen directing Kate England in a hardcore anal scene with Prince Yashua. Then watch how Kate keeps going when her scheduled scene is over. James walks in on Kate and Prince fucking. And they don’t even have a camera. How rude, right? If you take dick on a James Deen Productions set, we should get to see! I mean, maybe if we ask politely? Anyway, ‘the sight of Kate getting fucked’ turns James on. It turns on Marilyn Moore too. So James and Prince takes turns with Kate and Marilyn, and the girls fucking love it. Check out how it all goes down in this 100% real sex update!

Marilyn Moore Gets Ass Fucked in Las Vegas Sex Trip Part 1


Marilyn Moore arrives in Las Vegas for day one of her porno adventure. Of course, she has an anal scene scheduled, and we get a sneak peek into that asstastic fun. But it’s the sex ‘between the scene’ that makes this update fun. Danny Wylde, the camera man, takes a break to go rally together the next scene’s talent. In the meantime, there’s a camera on and a cock in Marilyn’s mouth. That’s kind of the way she likes it. SEX ALL THE FUCKING TIME!

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